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The Center for Space Science and Engineering has as its key mission to provide education in space science and engineering at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Students who choose to pursue studies in space science and engineering have a broad spectrum of course work opportunities at Virginia Tech.

The curriculum is interdisciplinary with coursework offerings in several departments including aerospace engineering, electrical and computer engineering, and physics. Students may take specialized technical electives at the advanced undergraduate level, as well as specialized coursework at the MS and PhD levels.

Undergraduate Courses

Specialized advanced undergraduate courses of particular interest in Electrical and Computer Engineering ECE and Aerospace and Ocean Engineering AOE are as follows:

  • ECE 4124 Radio wave Propagation
  • ECE 4154 Introduction to Space Weather
  • ECE 4164 Introduction to Global Positioning System GPS Theory and Design
  • ECE 4605 Radio Engineering
  • ECE 4644 Satellite Communications
  • AOE 4134 Astromechanics
  • AOE 4140 Spacecraft Dynamics and Control
  • AOE 4174 Spacecraft Propulsion

Graduate Courses

Specialized graduate courses of particular interest to space science and engineering students in Electrical and Computer Engineering ECE and Aerospace and Ocean Engineering AOE are as follows:

  • ECE 5105 Electromagnetic Waves I
  • ECE 5160: Introduction to Space Plasmas
  • ECE 5163 Space Plasmas
  • ECE 5164 Space Science I: Solar Wind and Magnetosphere
  • ECE 5165 Space Science II: Ionosphere and Aeronomy
  • ECE 5635 Radar Systems Analysis and Design I
  • ECE 6115 Advanced Antenna Theory and Design I
  • AOE 5234 Orbital Mechanics
  • AOE 6234 Spacecraft Dynamics and Control

How to Apply

Those interested in doing graduate or postdoctoral studies should contact individual Space@VT faculty members to discuss research opportunities. Prospective graduate students must apply to the appropriate academic department (e.g. the Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering or the Department of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering) through the Virginia Tech Graduate School.