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July 2014

Apple Ridge Farm Visits Space@VT

    Apple Ridge Farm Visits Space@VT

Space@VT, along with our Research Experience for Undergraduate (REU) students, hosted ~80 middle school kids from Apple Ridge Farm on Thursday July 17, 2014, read more.

    Dr. Joseph Baker

Congratulations to Space@VT faculty member Joseph Baker who has been tenured and promoted to the rank of Associate Professor.

March 2014

Research Spotlight: Exploration of Under-Ice
Regions with Ocean Profiling Agents (EUROPA)



EUROPA is an incredibly enticing target for exploration – the nearest reaches of what may be a vast new “habitable zone” of interior oceans warmed and stirred by tidal forces, read more.

AIM Mission Extended through 2018
The Aeronomy of Ice in the Mesosphere (AIM) mission was extended through 2018. AIM is a NASA  satellite mission dedicated to the study of Polar Mesospheric Clouds – PMCs. The image shows several PMCs as viewed in the ultraviolet by AIM. The AIM Principal Investigator is Dr. James M. Russell of Hampton University. He is a VT/ECE graduate. Dr. Scott M. Bailey of Space@VT is Deputy PI. They lead an international team of researchers studying the AIM observations. AIM was launched in April of 2007.

PolarNOx Experiment Funded by NASA
The Polar Night Nitric Oxide (PolarNOx) sounding rocket experiment was funded by NASA for flight in January of 2016. The image shows the same rocket experiment launching in February of 2011. PolarNOx uses stellar occultation to measure lower thermospheric nitric oxide during the polar night. It is led by Dr. Scott M. Bailey of Space@VT in collaboration with the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics at the University of Colorado, Artep Inc., and the Space Dynamics Laboratory at Utah State University.

June 2013

  • New NSF satellite study underway to improve communications Read More
  • Dr. J. Michael Ruohoniemi receives tenure
    Congratulations to ECE faculty member Dr. J. Michael Ruohoniemi who has been tenured at his currently-held rank of Associate Professor.

January-February 2013

  • Space@VT begins partnership with AMSAT, more.

2012 Annual Report

September 2011

  • New Class Next Semester: ECE 6104 - Space Science Instrumentation, more.

August 2011

  • Gregory Earle joins ECE and Space@VT as professor, more.

May/June 2011

  • College names Joseph Baker as Outstanding New Assistant Professor.

March 2011

  • Joseph Baker named Steven O. Lane Junior Faculty Fellow of Electrical and Computer Engineering, more.

January 2011

  • ECE team establishes data platforms at South Pole, more.

November 2010

  • One adventurous ECE Ph.D. student is studying space weather at the world's northern-most university, more.

September/October 2010

  • New course explores space environment, more.
  • Space@VT to host international meeting, more.

May 2010

  • VPT Inc. continues support of Space@VT program with third $15,000 donation, more.
  • Robert Clauer receives tenure at his currently-held rank of Professor.

April 2010

  • Space@VT featured on NSF 360 Science News, more.

September 2009

  • NSF Awards Space@VT $2 million to Improve Space Weather Understanding, more.
  • Space@VT Director Wayne A. Scales to study rocket-launched noctilucent cloud, more.

May/June 2009

  • Scott Bailey has been tenured and promoted to the rank of Associate Professor.

February 2009

September 2008

  • Space@VT: An emotional tie, and three strikes of lightning later, more.


There are no events scheduled at this time.