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Apple Ridge Farm Visits Space@VT

    Apple Ridge Farm Visits Space@VT


On July 17th, Apple Ridge Farm’s 4th to 6th grade youth visited the Virginia Tech Center for Space Science and Engineering Research (Space@VT) facility in Blacksburg for a day camp of activities involving basics of science, engineering, and math with emphasis on space science and engineering., read more.



AAL-PIP Outreach at Blacksburg High School

    AAL-PIP Blacksburg High School Outreach

As a part of our public outreach for the project, AAL-PIP, the Antarctic team (Joseph, Kshitija and me) visited Blacksburg High School on February 4, 2011 to do a presentation about our project and experience in Antarctica. The Earth Science teacher, Mrs. Kory Langley, and her students participated in our presentation. They now created a team called "Antartica Team" who will try to study snow accumulation in Antarctica and how it is affected by global climate change.



Greenland Space Science Symposium

The materials presented on the Greenland Space Science Symposium page are the result of a partnership between National Institute of Aerospace and Nortel LearniT. These videos, lesson plans and blogs showcase how technology can truly enhance classroom materials. When creatively used, technology can engage, inspire and create learning. It can be both the medium for teaching as well as the end product.