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The faculty members of Space@VT have a broad range of interests and expertise in space science and engineering. Most critical research and educational areas are represented. Graduate student education, training, and mentoring is also critical to the mission of Space@VT. Graduate students have opportunities to work on a broad spectrum of research projects and experience a diverse and interdisciplinary educational curriculum.

Faculty Members 

    Dr. Scott Bailey

Scott Bailey

Associate Professor

(540) 231-0459 Email: baileys

    Dr. Joseph Baker

Joseph Baker

Assistant Professor

(540) 231-3355 Email: jo.baker

    Xia Cai

Xai Cai

Research Scientist

(757) 325-6790 Email: xcai

    Dr. Robert Clauer

Robert Clauer

Assistant Director

(757) 325-6917 Email: rclauer

    Dr. Gregory Earle

Gregory Earle


(540) 231-2294 Email: earle

    Dr. Ray Greenwald

Ray Greenwald

Research Professor Email: ray.greenwald

    Dr. Troy Henderson

Troy Henderson

Assistant Professor

(540) 231-4828 Email: henderson

    Dr. Robert W. McGwier

Robert W. McGwier

Research Professor ECE

(540) 231-2041 Email: rwmcgwi

    Dr. J. Michael Ruohoniemi

J. Michael Ruohoniemi

Associate Professor

(540) 231-1482 Email: mikeruo

    Dr. Wayne A. Scales

Wayne Scales

Director of Space @ Virginia Tech

(540) 231-5622 Email: wscales

    Dr. Kevin Shinpaugh

Kevin Shinpaugh 

VBI, Washington St.

(540) 231-1246 Email: kashin

    Dr. Daniel Weimer

Daniel Weimer

Research Professor

(757) 325-6908 Email: dweimer

Research Associates Email
Davidson, Ryan1901 Innovation Drive(540) 231-0971ryandav
Kim, Hyomin1901 Innovation Drive(540) 231-0971hmkim
Thurairajah, Brentha1901 Innovation Drive(540) 231-0656brenthat
Xu, ZhonghuaHampon, VA(757) 325-6913zxu77


Graduate Students EmailAdvisor(s)
Atkins, Brad1901 Innovation DriveatkbrT.Henderson
Bordikar, Maitrayee1901 Innovation DrivemaitrayeeW.Scales
Carstens, Justin1901 Innovation DrivejcarS.Bailey
Deshpande, Kshitija1901 Innovation DrivekshitijaR.Clauer
Dhar, Saurav1901 Innovation Drivesdhar86G.Earle
Eassa, Micah1901 Innovation Driveadley01T.Henderson
Frissell, Nathaniel1901 Innovation DrivenafrissellM.Ruohoniemi & J. Baker
Fu, Haiyang1901 Innovation DrivehaiyangfW.Scales
Harlow, Zach1901 Innovation DriveharlowzT.Henderson
Janeski, John1901 Innovation Drivejana710W. Scales
Jones, Adam1901 Innovation DriveatjonesT.Henderson
Karthik, Venkataramani1901 Innovation Drivekarthik0S.Bailey
Kasmer, Tom1901 Innovation DrivetkasmerT.Henderson
Kunduri, Bharat Simha Reddy1901 Innovation DrivebharatrM.Ruohoniemi & J. Baker
de Larquier Sebastien1901 Innovation DrivesdelarquierM.Ruohoniemi & J. Baker
Lin, Ying-Tsen (Cissi)1901 Innovation DriveincenS.Bailey
Mahmoudian, Alireza1901 Innovation DrivealirezamW.Scales
Peng, Senlin1901 Innovation DriveslpengW. Scales,
Pramodkumar, Neeraj1901 Innovation Driveneeraj89M.Ruohoniemi & J. Baker
Ribeiro, Alvaro1901 Innovation DriveribeiroM.Ruohoniemi & J. Baker
Robertson, Robbie1901 Innovation DrivevoorhiesG.Earle & T.Henderson
Samimi, Alireza1901 Innovation DrivearsamimiW.Scales
Thomas, Evan1901 Innovation DriveegthomasM.Ruohoniemi & J. Baker
Yonker, Justin1901 Innovation DriveyonkerS.Bailey
Vaughan, Matt1901 Innovation DrivempvaughaT.Henderson