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Space@VT Seminar Series

The Space@VT Seminar Series allows students (individuals and design teams) with interests related to space present their work and interests in space to professors, researchers and students within the Space@VT Center.  Occasionally these seminars will feature faculty presentations that can include researchers not from Virginia Tech.  Past seminars may be featured on the Space@VT YouTube channel.

At the end of the spring series, the two best student presentations in science and engineering (one from each topic) will receive an award, up to $2500, to present their research to a relevant conference or to spend on relevant research expenditures.

To receive information and announcements on these seminars, please join our center-wide list by e-mailing:

Seminar speakers, titles and abstracts are listed in the calendar below.  To sign up for a seminar, please e-mail Kevin Sterne (ksterne at vt dot edu) or Debbie Collins (collinsd at vt dot edu).