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The Puri Satellite Ground Network, of PSGN, is an administrative unit with the Center for Space Science and Engineering Research (Space@VT) that leverages connections to the Virginia Tech Ground Station, Wallops Flight Facility, and the Virginia Ground Station Network to support communications needs for spacecraft missions.

Puri Satellite Ground Network Overview
Overview of PSGN's connections to various communication networks and systems in Virginia.

Organizations external to Virginia Tech are invited to make contact with PSGN personnel to discuss satellite communications needs. 


Current Supported Projects

  • Lead for communications planning and coordination for the Northrop Grumman-18 (NG-18) Very Low Earth Orbit (VLEO) mission.  The NG-18 VLEO mission is comprised of VSCP-1A (SeaLion from ODU & USCGA) and VSCP-1B (UtProSat-1 from VT), both of which are 3U cubesats to be deployed off the second stage of the Antares Launch Vehicle.  The communication planning involves coordinating multiple university and federal ground station facilities.