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The Puri Satellite Ground Network, or PSGN, is much more than a collection of ground stations.  It is a way for programs to find solutions to satellite communications for commanding and monitoring the health and safety of spacecraft orbiting Earth.  The PSGN also enables experiental learning (hands-on, minds-on) for Virginia Tech students.

Working with Virginia Tech Research and Academic Faculty, Virginia Tech students gain experience in satellite communications as well as  data processing, decoding and distribution.  The PSGN also works closely with the Virginia Tech Ground Station's (VTGS) amateur radio satellite systems to provide educational opprotunities with amateur radio satellites.  Several senior design teams and other student design teams have been supported.

The PSGN works with universities and other groups in order to provide satellite communication solutions for a variety of satellite classes and missions.  

As an R1 university, Virginia Tech is always looking at novel and cutting edge solutions to common problems and this extends to the PSGN.  Research interests include distributed ground station networks, orbit determinations by phased arrays, software-defined radio (SDR) modulation/demodulation development, and phased arrays for satellite communications.