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Space@VT focuses on research investigations of the science, technological impact, and utilization of the geo-space environment. The goal of Space@VT is to develop a holistic approach to such research utilizing theoretical and advanced computational modeling as well as the development of scientific instruments and space missions for experimental data acquisition and analysis.

Research Facilites

  • Aeronomy/Remote Sensing Laboratory
  • Global Navigation Satellite System GNSS & Radio Science Laboratory
  • Lower-Atmospheric Remote Sensing Lab
  • Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Science Team (MIST)
  • Space Systems Simulation Laboratory
  • Super Dual Auroral Radar Network (SuperDARN) Space Weather Radar Facility
  • Space Plasma Chamber
  • Virginia Tech Ground Station

Research Interest

  • Upper Atmospheric and Space Plasma Physics
  • Space Weather
  • Spacecraft Dynamics and Control
  • Spacecraft Advanced Propulsion Techniques

Reserach Capabilities

  • Satellite Mission Design and Remote Sensing
  • Space-based Instrument Development
  • Ground magnetometer network (AAL-PIP)
  • High- and Mid-latitude Ionospheric Remote Sensing (SuperDARN)
  • Spacecraft Modeling, Simulation, and Design
  • Physics-absed Modeling, Simulation, and High Performance Computing
  • Global Navigation Satellite System Receiver Design